Welcome to Rossi Motors. This is the opening ceremony for our car company and the SixtySix is the first in what we intend to grow into a series of cars. We’re coach-builders with a fresh take -- we think a more vibrant and essential take on how to build cars for the second decade of this still very new century.

In an oyster-shell we’re designers who choose to make cars we fall in love with. Cars that our friends and enthusiasts can enjoy for years to come and that get better with age. That’s the pearl of it. And it takes a bit of grit for a pearl to grow.

Rossi cars start in a factory with all the technological wizardry that ascribes their build and infuses them with integrity and quality. We then remove parts and add custom fitments to make it Pure Rossi. An entirely new expression of formidable, sophisticated performance.

Enter the first of its breed, the Rossi SixtySix. Like great bourbons and racehorses, it begins life in Kentucky, rolling along a track, a thoroughbred emerging.

We start with those incredible underpinnings then begin making it Pure Rossi. The body, fitments and interior take shape in our independent facility and are hand-tailored, hand-built to Rossi’s exacting specifications.

The design language takes inspiration from many sources, not the least of which is the storied history of the Z-series platform. We’re celebrating it and giving a new form to a new decade.

We’re creating what we believe you’ll find are some pretty amazing motorcars. Cars built in limited numbers that appeal to those who want the human touch of a coach-builder -- married to underpinnings that are a proven, known gold-standard for consistent reliability and performance superiority – in essence, the perfect blend of individual expression and assured technological credentials.

This is a first look at the Rossi SixtySix for our enthusiasts and fans. In the coming weeks, you’ll see more detail and availability of the car for purchase. It’s been an amazing drive getting this company up and running. We hope you’ll return and join us for the journey.

David R and Team Rossi

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